Friday Fiesta: ‘Amigos’ by Enanitos Verdes

You know who rocks? Friends. Especially, old friends. New friends rock pretty hard too.They’re like a pair of great shoes you magically find your way to after hours and hours of unsuccessful shopping: they’re bright, fun, a little uncomfortable in some places (but it’s really just a matter of time before you mold yourself to their shape and vice versa) and you can’t wait to go out with them. Old friend though are like that comfy pair of Converse sneakers you don’t ever want to get rid of, even if they’ve gone out of style, even if they’ve started to look a bit frail, even if you wear them out by going over and over to the same spots. They’re there when you don’t want to put in any effort to look good, or when you don’t have any particularly exciting plan in mind. They’re perfectly content to just lie forgotten until you remember the good ol’ days and decide to give them another go.

I’ve been thinking about old friends a lot. I recently moved to a new city, a city I’ve grown to love more and more. I’m lucky to have my husband (who I consider a friend, but I also want to make out with him, so it’s not exactly the same…) and my puppy to keep me company, but it’s not enough. Friends are important. So while I wait for my new BFFs to show up and transform from strappy heels to battered sneakers, I’ve been thankful for the old friends that have let me know I’m still in their thoughts. Those who have called, those who have visited me during this transition, those who have let me crash on their couch when I need to visit them- I salute you. With the cheesiest friendship song I could think of. This one comes courtesy of the Argentinian group Enanitos Verdes. They specialize in the kind of hits that eventually become campfire sing-along mainstays (preferably belted out while tipsy). Grab your poison of choice and enjoy.

Happy weekend everyone! Make sure to spend it with a buddy.