Friday Fiesta: ‘Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo’ by Bareto.

I’m in the foggy, culinary wonderland of Lima, Peru which basically means I’m in the midst of a social eating frenzy. Hence, the total abandonment youngadulta has suffered for the past week or so. I’ve somehow managed to drag my shivering (Oh yes, it’s cold. Sorry to burst your bubble), bloated self to my computer, if only to remind people I’m still alive. Expect future musings on clones, drug wars, communication with the dead, raging hormones and teenage identity crises. There’s a whole slate of new TV shows I plan on worshiping or eviscerating too. September will be fun!

In the meantime, I leave you with a bit of Peruvian cumbia. The song was written by Wilindoro Cacique, legendary Amazon musician who has been in the biz for over forty years. Bareto, whose mission in life is to make marginalized genres “respectable,” updated this classic tune. The video is set in the jungle city of Iquitos, a place so badass you can only get to it by plane or boat. Grab a skimpy outfit and get ready to shake what your mamma gave you.