Friday Fiesta: ‘Alguien’ by Beatriz Luengo

Hey, you know that friend you have? The one that wears a handlebar mustache and flannel shirts like it was his job (which it might as well be, since he doesn’t have one, because he’s focusing on his art)? The one that will rant about Kings of Leon being total sellouts? And how they were so much better before everyone and their mother discovered them? Well, now you can make their day by showing them this little cover of “Use Somebody” by the Spanish pop singer Beatriz Luengo. Cause nothing kills your musical street cred than having one of your songs transformed into a sweet, beachy, lounge melody ready for alternative adult radio stations.

I can’t decide if I love it, or hate it. Maybe both? It does drive me to put on a maxi dress, make myself a daiquiri and lay on a hammock for hours on end. Or at least it would if it wasn’t freezing outside (thanks, Chicago!), I had hammock and knew how to make daiquiris.

Happy weekend!


One thought on “Friday Fiesta: ‘Alguien’ by Beatriz Luengo

  1. Inés, me gusta. Es cheesy pero dan ganas de ver comedias románticas no tan brutas ni tan utilitarias como las últimas que están saliendo (Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached). Igual aquí en Lima, el “elite” grupo de los “hipsters limeños” te dirían que Kings of Leon “no pasa”… así son! Baaah! Happy weekend!

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