Friday Fiesta: ‘Coming Down’ by Dum Dum Girls

You know, it’s been one of those weeks. Nothing particularly catastrophic has occurred, but nothing terribly great has either. I’m lagging behind on personal projects which makes me feel like a loser. The kind that would form her fingers in an ‘L’, and still think she’s being witty. Fall chill is in the air, a welcome relief for some, a threat from the cosmos for me. I’ve been a bit moody, a bit lazy, a bit overwhelmed. I’m shutting down. And I don’t like it.

So enough with the pity party! I’m determined to pick myself up by the old boot straps, and get back on track. First order of business is to start this weekend with what I like to call ‘artistic food for the soul’, meaning any outing that gets my creativity and inspiration flowing. What better way to do that than enjoy a free (That’s right FREE!) performance by LA band Dum Dum Girls. Their new single, “Coming Down”, is very reminiscent of Mazzy Star which I think is a good thing. In my opinion, you can never have too much Mazzy Star influence. It’s an ethereal, sad lullaby and it should not, I repeat, it should not be lifting my spirits. Yet, I find the most anguish filled songs to be a great comfort when I’m feeling down on my luck. Also, it’s juts beautiful. Beauty can be heartbreaking, depressing, even a little self-indulgent but it never fails to give me hope that there are better days ahead.

Go ahead and wallow a bit in your thoughts. Then shake it off and go have some fun tonight. Happy weekend!