Friday Fiesta: “I Am a Rock” by Simon & Garfunkel

It has finally happened. The dreaded Chicago winter has arrived with eight inches of snowfall and subzero temperatures. Usually, this is when I officially give up all hope and happiness and embrace with open arms SAD. However, there are two key things that are making the seasonal chill a bit more tolerable. First, I’m going to be that obnoxious person that announces to the worldwide interweb her upcoming trip to the Bahamas. So all those flurries taunting me outside my window can suck it! Second, I’m in an introspective mood as of late so the idea of holing myself up in a fortress of books and poetry seems ideal. I feel you, Paul Simon. If this is, as Art claims, your most neurotic song ever, why hand over the phone number of your shrink cause we need to talk! Oh and if you’re the type of person who will go crazy once you realize the video above cuts off the very last word of the lyric let me save you some trouble. It is “cries.” I feel your pain too.

Happy weekend, everybody! Don’t forget that I will be live blogging my Hunger Games reading experience starting 8:30 pm, Central time. Come see me despair! Voice your own reactions to the book! Cheer me on in the wee hours of the night!