Friday Fiesta: “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara

Have you ever had a week so full of win the only appropriate way to celebrate was to dance like a maniac in leg warmers? Cause I just did! Here’s a list of my victories, both big and small:

  1. I made the creamiest mashed potatoes known to man. Half-and-half is key.
  2. I asked a store to fix a mistake they made, and was not thrown into the fiery pits of hell for it. Apparently, they have a thing about the client being always right.
  3. I managed to finish my laundry all in one day. A feat so impossible it has only occurred once.
  4. I FOUND A JOB that allows me to stay at home so I can take care of my puppy, and gives me the flexibility to continue writing and doing improv. My skills are not as useless as I thought.
  5. I’ve been given the opportunity to perform tomorrow with honest to god professionals. On stage. Eeek!

Suffice to say that my celebration was very similar to the one below. My hair might or might not have been as big.

Happy, happy, happy weekend! I hope these last seven days were spectacular for you as well. If you feel like hanging out with me on this joyous occasion, please check out my Live Blog of Catching Fire at 8pm C.