Things I’m Thankful for During a Thankless Year

1. Therapy.

2. My ability to gawk at the Tribune Tower from my cubicle window.

3. Falling asleep to Gilmore Girls because Netflix is nothing but sorcery.

4. Nick Jonas’ rebirth.

5. The three-hour stew I made last week, which keeps getting better with age.

6. The simple existence of bulldogs: aberrations of nature, thieves after my own heart.

7. Only having to hide 3 people and unfriend one after Midterm Elections, Immigration Reform, and Ferguson. Progress?

8. Having a short commute when I’m tired.

9. Taking long treks on the CTA when I need to get some reading done.

10. Renewing the same eBook from the library, over and over and over again.

11. Vanderpump Rules‘ capacity to make me feel like a functioning adult when everything else is falling apart.

12. “You Learn to Live Without” from If/Then.

13. 2014 being almost over.



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