Shameless Self-Promotion: Is This A Thing? Anniversary Show!

Between hacking away at my novel, procrastinating on blog posts, and delaying the start of my podcast, I have been consistent in one thing: helping run the Live Lit show Is This A Thing? And this Monday, my fellow co-producers and I will be able to pat ourselves on the back for making it to our first anniversary ever.

What is Is This A Thing? What is Live Lit for that matter? Live Lit, or storytelling as it is also widely known, is the practice of telling stories in front of an audience. There is a thriving scene here in Chicago (as you can attest in this and this article), a city that literally has a different Live Lit show every night of the week. Is This A Thing? might be a drop in the bucket within the community but it’s our specific drop in an ever rich bucket, and that’s what counts.

My yearlong foray into this community has been heartening, inspiring, and welcoming beyond belief. We wanted to pay that same kindness forward by encouraging new and aspiring storytellers to take the stage. And though we’ve had some fantastic seasoned writers at Is This A Thing?, I’m most proud of the fact that we’re giving newbies a chance.

Our anniversary show will feature six storytellers, including yours truly. We’ll have Live Lit bingo and, possibly, cake. The shenanigans begin at 7pm at O’Shaughnessy’s on Monday, February 9. FREE!