A Month in Obsession: January 2016

Obsession: An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

What are the little worms that have been roaming the neuron and synapses in my brain this month? Let’s find out!

Book: Since You Left Me by Allen Zadoff


Zadoff is a YA author that I’ve only recently discover and who I fear may be underrated. His teenage male characters have a vulnerability to them that rings true, even when they’re worries are typical guy ones. This specific novel of his is about Sanskrit, A Jewish teen who finds himself in deep doodoo
after a little white lie told in desperation takes a life of its own. The book tackles questions of faith (or lack thereof), the inevitable disappointment that comes with seeing our parents as people, and the terror of choosing our own path.

Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road

I know, I know, I know! I’m so late to the party! To be honest, it’s a movie I only saw because I have to justify my HBO subscription somehow. Oh, and all the award nominations. What I assumed was going to be another night of me having a film in the background as I scroll through my phone, ended up being a night of me searching for my inner Imperator Furiosa. I may or may not have channeled her several times this month when I no longer had any Fs to give.

TV: Black Mirror

The kind of show that leaves you curled up in a fetal position, feeling cold and clammy, and whimpering for your mom.

A total delight.

Podcast: Dear Sugar

Cheryl Strayed’s podcast came into my life late last year. It’s the self-help podcast for anyone who hates self-help podcasts (or books…or shows…or mantras…or…), as Cheryl and original sugar Steve Almond handle readers’ questions. My main interest is listening with gusto to other people’s problems and feeling relieved when my life looks fine in comparison. Lately, though, they’ve been doing a three-part series on “finding The One”, a quest that seems to only spur frustration and lots of bad sex. Mine is more of an intellectual curiosity since I still shudder at the idea of even being on a date. Still, it’s a constant preoccupation in my circle of friends and one that maybe I should worry about…once the gag reflex ceases to occur whenever I think of romance.

Random: This robe from Uniqlo


Forget The One, I’ve been trying to find a robe to fulfill all my spiritual needs and desires for a year. My friend Erica recommended this beauty to me with the kind of enthusiasm we usually reserve for heaven. IT IS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE.

Agree? Disagree? What should I become obsessed with in February?