A Month in Obsession: January 2017

The world is burning but I can still find ways to distract myself. Here are my top picks for this month:

Book: Negroland: A Memoir by Margo Jefferson


So much of the myth of the American Dream is about the idea that if you work hard, play by the rules, and excel, you’ll achieve anything you want. Negroland is here to point out all the failings and trappings of that concept. In a way, the black elite that Jefferson describes exemplifies the ideal of overcoming obstacles. Yet, what Jefferson so aptly does, is shed a light on how race relations in this country derails this simplistic narrative.

Movie: Moonlight

The use of water imagery. The use of silence. The use of specific, heartbreaking moments. This movie better win all the awards ever created.

TV: This Is Us

I hate this show with every synapse of my body. It is truly awful. It is emotionally manipulative, saccharine, unabashedly pandering to our most simplistic feelings. It is the TV equivalent of a Hallmark card written by an NYU Tisch dropout. It’s probably written by a current member of Pantsuit Nation who believes she is woke because she wears a safety pin now. AND YET I CAN’T STOP WATCHING.

Podcast: Left, Right & Center

I am trying my best to understand the other side, while also not falling down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and #alternativefacts. This show was probably my safest bet. Each week, a representative of the left, right and center have a discussion on the latest political news. It helps that no one shouts while they do so. I have yet to be convinced of anything the Right guy has to say, but I respect his attempt to continue to be civilized as his party goes down the crapper.

Listen to their latest episode, “Donald Trump’s First Week in Office

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