I am a writer, translator, and storyteller who is now based in Chicago after many years in Lima, Bern, New York, Washington D.C., Buenos Aires, Montreal, and other places that have slipped my mind. I hold a BA in Hispanic Studies from McGill University and an M.Phil. in Latin American and Iberian Cultures from Columbia University.

I am currently working on contemporary YA novel that combines my passionate views on gender issues with my geeky love of musicals. I am the winner of SCBWI’s Prairie Writer’s and Illustrator’s Day Manuscript Contest in 2015 and have also received a Letter of Merit from the organization.

As a nonfiction writer, my work has appeared in Gapers Block, The Prairie Wind, and the Chicago Writers Conference blog.

I’m also an active member of the Chicago’s thriving Live Lit community. I co-produce the monthly Live Lit show, Is This a Thing?  and have read at The Marrow, Story Club, the kates, and other events around town.

As one of the founders and co-host of XX, Will Travel, I also have experience creating, producing, and promoting a travel-themed podcast. You can find my travel writing on the show’s website.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, where I mostly put up pics of my bulldog Charlie. For more information about my professional experience,  connect with me on LinkedIn.


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  1. Miss Bellina, I became aware of you through an article you wrote on Book Riot. It was about how age inappropriate reading led to your development as a woman. I adored that article. It may have been an unpleasant experience to live through but it created some brilliant writing. I can relate somewhat. My 9th grade English teacher required us to read only adult literature that exceeded 200 pages. My mom felt invaded but I joyously assured her that the teacher made us. I am a black woman who was in a predominantly white school. Thank you for sharing your truth.

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