Shameless Self-Promotion: Is This A Thing? Anniversary Show!

Between hacking away at my novel, procrastinating on blog posts, and delaying the start of my podcast, I have been consistent in one thing: helping run the Live Lit show Is This A Thing? And this Monday, my fellow co-producers and I will be able to pat ourselves on the back for making it to our first anniversary ever.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Is this a thing?


Join me for my last reading of the season before I take a hiatus to finish up my YA manuscript. This one promises to be a doozy. This month’s topic for Is this a thing? (which I help co-produce!) is “You Just Don’t Understand.” Stories will center around the idea of getting things completely wrong, failing to connect or being misunderstood. We have a great line-up of six readers of all shapes and sizes.

Show begins at 7:00 pm and will be held at O’Shaughnessy’s Public House. I highly recommend their chilli. The event is FREE; the stories are priceless.

Image courtesy of Sheila Arora

Shameless Self-Promotion: Serving the Sentence


Come join me and five other very talented writers at Towbar.I’ll be reading tonight at Serving the Sentence, a monthly live lit event in which storytellers use the same first sentence to begin their stories. Tonight’s sentence is: “I knew exactly what I needed to do: eat chocolate.”

The show begins at 7 pm and the entrance is free, though donations will be collected for Sit Stay Read. Audience suggestions for next month’s first sentence will be drawn at the end of the show.

Image courtesy of Serving the Sentence Facebook page

Shameless Self-Promotion: CTRL-ALT-DEL

From the Facebook Event page because I’m too worn out to think of something else:

CTRL-ALT-DEL. An entire show dedicated to the most annoying key combination in the world. Nine stories that will reboot your life. In fact, you might want to hit ctrl-alt-del to hear these stories again. But, you can’t. One show only. Don’t miss it! FREE!!

Tonight, 7:00 pm, at The Holiday Club! CTRL-ALT-DEL all the Thanksgiving family tensions and feel rebooted with 9 wonderful stories under 9 minutes.